Client: George Washington Toma

GW TomaGeorge Washington Toma came to us because he was not happy with the results of his advertising. He felt he should be getting more from what he was doing – and he was correct. Our experience is that most independent businesses spend too little or too much on advertising and don’t have a clear goal for what they want to accomplish.

Most owners/operators are spread far too thin – and advertising becomes an afterthought. We went to work with them on the fundamentals: what do they want to accomplish and what are they willing to do to get there? We started by lowering their budget and brought focus and effiecency to their marketing strategy. Specifically, we narrowed their target to who they could reach effectively with a good chance for return. Think of advertising as an investment that yields a return later on. We also changed his message to focus on how he was different than his competitors – but used the language of his customers to say it. The message created was delivered in a form no other company could duplicate, from George Toma himself.

The company was a great and successful company long before we started working with them – all we did was figure out a way to tell the truth convincingly. They do the hard part and delivery on the promise.

At Country Club Communications, we know the way to success is to create a true partnership with our clients. In turn, our clients know they must do the same with their customers in order to prosper.