Our approach is as simple as it is time-tested.

It’s all about building relationships. Pure and simple.
We figure out why people should become your customers.
We communicate this “why” with persuasive advertising that is relevant to the customer, that is in the language the customer will embrace.
Most of all – we communicate what’s important.

When you work with Country Club, you’re working with
a partner of the agency.

We develop your strategic concept, creative direction and media plan. And your CCC partner stays on the project all the way through – including media negotiation, buying and invoice reconciliation. We consider these tasks far too important to delegate to anyone else.

Generally Speaking;Latch

  • Analysis of overall marketing/advertising plan
  • Develop advertising strategy that attracts “Relational” customers
  • Create salient, customer-focused messages separating you from competition
  • Produce TV/Radio/Web ads: Concepts, Scripts, HD Shoot, Edit, Jingle
  • Media Buying: using research, competitive market analysis and 63 years
    of knowing what works, what doesn’t and why!
  • Media Negotiations; insure our clients are getting the best rates possible
  • Bill Reconciliation; insure our clients are getting exactly what they paid for
  • Field and filter all Sales Rep calls- relieving client of this time draining task 

Specifically Speaking:

  • Advertising Strategy & Consulting
  • Media Planning~Buying
  • Television/Radio/Web Advertising Campaigns
  • HD Television Programming Production
  • HD Website ‘Movies’
  • HD Virtual Tours
  • HD ‘Webinars’
  • HD Television Commercial Production

Very Specifically Speaking:

TV/Web/Radio Commercial Production

Cover of BrochureAt Country Club Communications we can collaborate with 9 independent production companies and match each of our clients production needs with the strengths of the production company best suited for the project.

By working with independents, we have access to a huge talent pool while keeping our overhead down, allowing us to work for you, for less. We negotiate each piece of work and pass the savings along to our clients.

We are involved in every step of the creative/production process and work with our client and the production company insuring that the finished production exceeds expectations and delivers the expected ROI.